you could check here Four days before the city turns pink, a lot of grey cells will be illuminating at a mega Blogging event in Delhi. Mark your calendars my friends! سعر الذهب مباشر في السعودية 10th February 2018 is the day when BlogX will organize its Annual Conference in Delhi. BLOGX 2018 ANNUAL CONFERENCE

over at this website In a few days away, who’s who of the blogging circuit will be attending this year’s mega-conference. Expect to meet top bloggers from different niches including but not limited to tech, travel, fashion, lifestyle, food, sports, finance, and entertainment. Mr. Diwaker Chandani of Facebook India will be the keynote speaker.

مسابقة تجريبي خيار ثنائي From a domain expert in Sea Ansley, to Vivek Kapoor of Dineout, some of the sharpest minds on various subjects will enthrall audiences with their words of wisdom.

additional resources هل الاسهم اقدر ابيعها في اي وقت I AM ATTENDING and You Must Too!!

Continue I have always maintained that blogging communities are not well-defined and very rarely we have meaningful interactions with one another. It’s quite like we always end up working in silos, pursuing our own goals, and not investing our times to connect with one another, exchanging notes, learning from experts, and growing in the process. BlogX is a Welcome Disruption and one that makes me think twice!

you could check here Having attended some of their previous events, I can vouch for a fact that BlogX has always strived to present ample opportunities for amateur and expert bloggers to grow and network.

BlogX Speaker’s

سامبا بيع الاسهم web BlogX Diwaker-Chandani-speaker استراتيجية البناء الخيارات الثنائية BlogX Aman-Shams-speaker Diwaker Chandani, Lead Growth – Facebook India

click this over here now Aman Shams, CEO & Founder SKIMBOX

مؤشر الاسهم الان  


BlogX Gurpreet-Singh-Tikku-speaker


Gurpreet Singh Tikku, Curator – MisterTikku

Krinal Mehta, Founder – Growth Digital




Malvika Mallya, Asst. Marketing Manager – XOXODAY

Sea Ansley, Founder & CEO – Mother Domains




Shubajit Biswas, Founder – Unmute Media

Subhash Choudhary, Co-founder – RiseMetric




Vinay Singhal, Co-founder * CEO – WittyFeed

Vivek Kapoor, Co-founder – Dineout


I wish the team all the success. See you at the Event!

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