Ghungroo is a dinning concept launched couple of months back in the heart of Delhi near Connaught Place. Recently I got an opportunity to visit first of its kind dinner theatre. This dinning concept is pretty enthralling and famous in Europe and other western countries and now its made available exclusively for us. You go out with you family on fine evening spend some time watching the theatrics and have dinner, a quality time spend is what you earn.


Decor of theatre

This show has two part – Ghungroo, an enchanting drama which takes you to the history of Delhi covering its length and breath starting from the time of the inception of Earth as per Hindu mythology, travelling through different era and drops you in the lap of Bollywood dance & musicals. The other part is Angaaray – the wood fired, charcoal grilled stack of veg & non-veg Mughali cuisine along with full buffet service. In short and perfect culinary experience.


Chicken Tikka


The show Ghungroo starts with a Kathak performance followed by life time tale of Prthiviraj Chauhan. In between there are insertion of AV clips taking you through what all things Delhi has seen over the period. All the love, betrayal, fight for kingdom, maintaining obeisance, being ruled by British, freedom moments, curation of new India.

All these activities being performed in the form of Play, Dance & Musical as suited appropriately.

A glimpse of back stage green while artist were getting ready for the show.


Back stage, Green room

The artist performing various acts of play –

Ghungroo Stage Performance Ghungroo Performance


When the show was about to complete they asked the guest to come and join them and dance together, I see that as a very good way of engaging audience and making them feel special.

Ghungroo Closing

For video click here

Rudra XP team is behind this overwhelming concept and this is how they define the concept.

Delhi’s first Dinner Theatre, Ghungroo, a unique, immersive dance musical, that unfolds the story of Delhi as a seat of power that impacted the cultural-scape of India, through centuries.

Delhi or ‘Dehleez’, the doorway to India and the seat of many empires, has a past as glorious, varied and colourful as the nation it represents. So we follow Yamuna, the meandering river that has forever patronised this city, on a journey that is filled with enchanting tales of power, conquest, revenge, devotion and love.

Starting from the first documented ruler of Delhi, Prithwi Raj Chauhan, tracing the journey of Bhakti Movement through Sufism, followed by stylised form of Kathak for the Mughal Courts, Tarana, ending in Bollywood, it showcases the history and spirit of Delhi, through dance, all in an hour’s time.This is followed by authentic Indian Barbecue dinner at Angare, that presents Indian gastronomy in its purest form, as we try to create an environment that unifies all your five senses for that ultimate experience.

Traditional recipes. Researched over centuries. Tested in the Royal Kitchens. Slow cooked, delicately spiced, with subtle aromas and served the way it was meant to be: Straight from fire.

#whatmonksay – Its a must watch.

Costing – INR 3000 PP

For reservations call –  +91 99992 11610

Book online –

Address – Delhi Parsi Anjuman, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, LNJP Colony, Near Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, Delhi 110002 (Easily available on