click Grant’s are not a new name in the spirit world, they are famously known for the brand Glenfiddich, Grant’s Whiskey family reserve, Balvenie, Hendrick’s Gin and Tullamore Dew. They recently launched their family reserve to India and we were the first one to taste. The Grant’s family reserve whiskey has a smokey and spicy flavor which comes from ginger and cask used to mature.

جيش الفوركس Grant’s Whiskey and ace mixologist Rohan Bhardwaj has curated a special cocktail menu which is being served at Speakeasy. Team Peckishmonk attended the event yesterday and got you some very funny names for the cocktail from Rohan’s Menu.

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Small Hands/Big ButtonsGrant's Whiskey

follow link Grant Whiskey + Ginger Ale + Plum Bitter

COVFEFEPeckishmonk Grant's Whiskey

شركات الفوركس العالمية Grant Whiskey + Black Walnut Bitter+ Mappel Syrup + Orange Peel, a complicated blend so does the name

CROOKED NIRMALPeckishmonk Grant's Whiskey Grant Whiskey + Crooked Egg + Sherry + Topped with Malbec and Orange Slice  

Rohan Bhardwaj The man behind these awesome cocktails and the first ever Grant’s brand ambassador to India holds a master degree in Business Management. The calling for him was not into banking or finance domain and because of his true love and dedication to Whiskey he moved into mixology industry and doing a miracle here with his marvelous drinks.Peckishmonk Grant's Whiskey This would not have been possible without his best buddy “Freddy” Peckishmonk Grant's Whiskey Some recipe based on Grant’s Whiskey