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We have witnessed a great barbecue and grilled food festival on the day of its inauguration January 27, 2017 at The Leela Convention. The festival is being hosted by Café Knosh on third floor in the open rooftop. If you are a carnivorous meat lover and crave for the best barbecue/grilled food you should must visit before it ends, only for a fortnight. Chef Rohit Tokhi designed the food menu and covered food from multiple continents under one roof.

You can cherish America, European, Continental and if you really want India you can along with draught beer, sunshine cocktails and wine.

We had Pork ribs, pulled pork tenderloin, Chicken Satay, Lamb chops, Pork and Lamb Sausages, grilled Pomfret, lamb minced burger, pork pulled burger, peri peri chicken. Everything was charcoal grilled with smoky flavors. Salad, cheese and bread bar was beautifully spread.

The event started with Chef briefing about the cuisine and why they came up with such concepts and then asked us to come and check out the live counter, other sous/station chef were grilling meat right in front of our eyes. Being a meat lover it was nothing less than heaven for me plus the beer and wine gave it extra points to make a great lunch time.

Theme & Menu

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We have tried to bring the best served barbecue food from around the world, with major focus on European barbecue sausage from Bavarian cuisine, Germany; Grilled Chicken, BBQ Chicken and lamb chops from London; move further west American Food truck – pulled pork burger, chilly corn burger; Oriental – Teriyaki, Satay from Thailand and Japan, Indian Food and tandoori food is also available. The idea was to engage the guest in nice family atmosphere in a winter noon, people chatting and sipping drinks while the food being served to their table. Indian food is the last pick in the options available because we do other festivals focusing upon India cuisine and covering the states – Chef Rohit Tokhi

Pork/Lamb Ribs and Pulled

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 Lamb Chops, Lamb Tenderloin Burger & Pulled Pork Burger

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 Chicken Satay, Duck Roast & Chicken Skewers

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Bread & Cheese

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Something to drink – Enough to get drunk

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We have been doing a lot of things over the period, last year we did a NH1 Grand Trunk journey culinary journey which have started from Amritsar, Old Delhi, Varanasi and completed in Kolkata. So this time we thought let’s do something different, the weather is good and we can have a setup in open. The setup idea came from the fact that Oktoberfest is great hit and we tried to create a similar environment, have canopies, food trucks, foods from European, Oriental, American and India cuisine on one platform. Everyone does state wise food fest and East Delhi doesn’t get to see much on International festivals. We thought let’s give these people different look and feel, environment to eat, see how they react, what is their perception? Mostly people go to South and Central Delhi when they want to see something different so we have given them a different feel here itself. Whenever we do a fest people not only from East but other parts of Delhi also come, this time we hope that we see people from all across Delhi/NCR to come and rejoice the food and drinks. – Devashree Mahajan, Head PR & Marketing Communication



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