The Grand Trunk(NH1) Culinary journey which started from Amritsar traveled through Delhi & Varanasi is finally on its last leg and reached Kolkata. The Leela brings you the culinary specialty and mouth watering dishes from the land of culture, tradition, knowledge, arts, and food. Kolkata food festival is being hosted by The Leela Convention. To bring you the joy of Bengali food Chef De Cuisine Ashwani Kumar Singh traveled to Kolkata and research the food and finally curated a splendid menu to relish your taste buds.Decor

Cafe Dilli32 is hosting dinner and a special bonanza for the dinners on weekend. Friday and Saturday you can cherish the Bengali music by none other than the famous Rimi Mukherjee whereas on Sunday you will be part of a storytelling on the Bengali food and culture. It is a three-course buffet widely spread in Frangipani.

Appetizers from Kolkata

Mochar cutlet – Banana flour cutlet mixed with garam masala, crumbed and deep friedFish Cutlet
Vegetable Chop – Beetroot and mashed potato mixed with Indian spices, deep friedVeg Cutlet
Aalo Chop – Salted mashed potato coated in gram flour and friedAlo Chop
Mutton Chop – Slowly cooked mutton with onion and Indian spices till it gets tender and succulentMutton Chop
Bata Fry – Bata fish has its origin in East Bengal(Now Bangladesh) and know for its sweet taste. Bata Fry
Chitol chingri cutlet – Boiled prawn cutlet Prawan Cutlet

Mains from Kolkata

Sukto – flavored a dish which Bengali normally have after daal-bhaja, it’s a digestive veg currysukto

Aloo Posto – A classic Bengali dish made of potato and poppy seed, the magic is to give poppy seed enough soak so that it gets a creamy texture.Aloo Posto

Dhokar dalna – Dhokar(A Chana Daal patties), served in dry or stew made of onions and tomatoesDhokar Dalna

Chholar dal – A tangy lentil soup made of Bengali Gram(Chana Dal), flavoured with garam masala, cardamom and topped with sweet/tangy tamarind juiceChholar Dal

Bhetki paturi – Marinated steam fish(Bhetki) cooked in Banana leavesBhetki Paturi

Macher Jhol – Traditional Bengali fish curryMache Jhol

Kosha Mangsho – This is a spicy Bengali mutton stewKosha Mangsho

Murgi Jhol – Chicken Curry with potatoChicken Jhol

Kolkata Biryani – Mutton biryani made in traditional Bengali styleKolkata Biryani

Luchi – Poori or Deep fired India bread made of wheat flourLuchi

Mughalai Paratha – Multi-layered bread filled with minced mutton or chickenMughalai Paratha


Desserts from Kolkata

Payesh – Bengali version of kheer(rice pudding) made by slowly cooking rice in milk, flavored with cardamom and topped with dry fruitsPayesh
Pantua – Gulab JamunPantua
Sondesh – Traditional Bengali desert made of cheena(cottage cheese)Sondesh

Last but not the least bid an adieu in true Kolkata style by chewing some Paan or Betel leaf filled in with 15 different ingredients combinations.Paan

#whatmonksays – If you are looking for traditional Bengali food, rush to the Cafe Delhi32, The Leela Convention