Peckishmonk brought you some great Dessert Recipe from the treasure chest of Chef Amreesh Chandra. They are easy to make and great to taste.اخبار-الاسهم-السعودية-اليوم افضل موقع توصيات الاسهم BAILEYS TIRAMISU

my blog INGREDIENTS                         QUANTITY

Whipped cream                      30 gms

Mascarpone cheese                70 gms

Sugar                                       20 gms

Egg yolk                                   2 no

Baileys                                     30 ml

Coffee powder                        15 gms

Cats tongue                             2 no METHOD check over here  

  1. In a bowl take whipped cream and mascarpone cheese and keep aside
  2. Make a sabayon of sugar and egg yolk on a double boiler
  3. Add sabayon and Baileys to cream and cheese mixture
  4. Arrange it on a glass with cats tongue on a side dipped in coffee syrup
  5. Serve with cacao soil on top.Dessert Recipe BAILEYS TIRAMISU 2-


have a peek at these guys الاسهم المطروحه فى البنك الاهلى COCONUT BAKED YOGHURT WITH MALIBU INGREDIENTS                         QUANTITY

Fresh cream                            100 gms

Coconut cream                       100 gms

Milk maid                                100 gms

Sour cream                             100 gms

Malibu                                     30 ml

مجلة الخيارات الثنائية METHOD

  1. Mix all ingredients together to form a smooth mixture
  2. Pour the mixture into small moulds and bake it on a double boiler at 160c for 12 min
  3. Serve cold with raspberry coulis and brandy snap on top.Dessert Recipe -COCONUT BAKED YOGHURT WITH MALIBU



my blog INGREDIENTS                         QUANTITY

Bakery cream                         200 gms

Sugar                                       20 gms

Raspberry puree                     100 gms

Gelatin                                    05 gms

Egg yolk                                   02 no

White chocolate                      50 gms

Marie Brizard                          30 ml

Dark chocolate sponge           30 gms

you could try these out METHOD

  1. Whip cream and sugar and keep aside
  2. Soak gelatin and add to raspberry puree and keep separately
  3. Add egg yolk, white chocolate, and marie-brizard on to cream
  4. Layer cream and jelly on top of the sponge and continue layering.
  5. Let it set in freezer for almost 6 hours
  6. Slice and serve with berry shooter and fresh mangoesDessert Recipe - WHITE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE WITH RASPBERRY JELLY AND MARIE BRIZARD

اسهم السوق السعودي مباشر INGREDIENTS                         QUANTITY

Fresh cream                            100 gms

Sugar                                       20 gms

Dark cherry                             40 gms

Kirsch                                      30 ml

White chocolate                      30 gms

Dark chocolate sponge           20 gms

strattera no prescription METHOD

  1. Whip cream with sugar and keep it separate
  2. Add white chocolate and kirsch to whipped cream
  3. Take a lass and pour cream at the bottom, then add dark chocolate sponge and dark cherry. Repeat the same layering process
  4. On top add white chocolate flakes and dark cherry and little cacao dust.Dessert Recipe - WHITE FOREST PUDDING WITH KIRSCH 2

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