7° Brauhaus (Brauhaus = Beer House) is one of the finest microbrewery in Delhi/NCR. The evening was completely fun frolic. They have prepared a special menu for the event covering their signature dishes. The event was in collaboration with Beer Buddies FB Group. For everyone who don’t know beer buddies – its Facebook group for all the beer lovers. It was an absolutely fantabulous experience meeting so many people who are passionate about beer and alcoholic beverages.

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Where to go – South Point Mall, DLF Phase VI Golf Course Road Gurgaon

Whom to go with – Friends and Families (If you can drink with them)

How to get there – The nearest metro station is Iffco Chowk, from there you can take an auto. It’s adjacent to Genpact and IBIS hotel on Golf Course Road

What to order

  • Flammenbrot (v) – Crispy pastry topped with cheese, caramelized onion and mushroom.
  • German Knaxx Sausages (NV) – Mini pepperoni sausage from Germany
  • Lambwurst (NV) – Mince lamb meat with herbs and spices grilled on charcoal, one of the best in town
  • Dahi ke kebab (v) – Hung curd and cheese with herbs rolled in bread and fried, they will melt in your mouth
  • Crumbed Fried Fish (NV) – Deep fried fish fillet served with tartar sauce
  • 7° Brauhaus (v) – if you are not sure what to eat? Try this sampler and get something of everything.

Must Have – Flammenbrot, Lambwurst, Dahi ke kebab

  • When you are in a beer paradise you can’t even think of drinking something else. They have four varieties of home brewed beer
    • Lager
    • Wheat
    • Special
    • Master Brew

  • Cocktails – Jager Bomb, Beer’s Knees and Godfather

Recommendation – at least try one glass of each beer, my favourite is Wheat.

  • Lobster Thermidor (v) – Lobster meat cooked in cream white sauce
  • Grilled Cottage Chesse Steak (v) – Cottage cheese steak served with herb pilaf and pepper coulis

Cost for 2 – 3500 approx. with alcohol

What we reviewed – This place has everything what you may look from a German Microbrewery. The ambiance was designed with Chestnut trees, maple wood seating, copper lighting system and a very rusty floor. Which gives you a feeling of having beer inside a home brewery. They have variety of German sausages and other dishes from the German cuisine and Exec Chef Akash Arora added his own magical twist to the food and made it a finger licking. 7° has been awarded with People’s Choice Award for the Finest Microbrewery in Delhi/NCR and Jury Award in the same category.

Photo Credits – 7 Degrees Brauhaus

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