follow url Feel Alive is not a new name for people roaming in the sector 29 area of Gurgugram/Gurgaon. Within no time this place has created its footstep in the over-occupied restaurant market but something was missing? The in-house micro-brewery for a mug of freshly brewed beer. Feel Alive recently(6-Jan-2018) launched its most awaited micro-brewer and Peckishmonk team were among the first few people to get a glimpse of it. Feel Alive Now, let’s come to the ambiance, seating capacity, food and music which are an integral part of any successful restaurant. Feel Alive’s ambiance has a good mix of club and lounge and the color and lighting scheme sets the theme. This place can easily accommodate 80 to 100 pax in a go.

click Music – Our DJ on the launch night made sure to cater to everyone’s mood and it had a fairly good mix of English, Hindi, and Punjabi numbers, well Punjabi numbers are equally important because they set the tone of the party after a couple of beers are down.Feel Alive

الخيارات الثنائية وسطاء دفع تعويضات We have been severed a number of dishes and I cannot put all the names here so you have to visit the place to experience it. What all I can say at this time is that the food was good.Feel Alive For Reservation – (0124) 400 5888   |     981 807 9444ما-هو-افضل-موقع-لتداول-الاسه٠Catch More New Launch.
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