Sweets are an integral part of Indian lifestyle. We cannot think of an occasion without sweets, be it for worship or any other social celebration.BucketOfPineAppleTart
Although most of the Indian dessert are filled with a lot of sugar or similar content. Moon of Taj is an effort made to bring the Asian dessert with an Indian palate. Their specialization is into Taiwanese Dessert – Nougats & Tarts and their motto is “Taiwan Sweets Indian Heart”.

Nougats are chew stick with nuts and base flavoring whereas tarts are softshell brownie liked texture with the flavored jelly center.

Cheese Pineapple Fruit Tart – Pineapple juice reduced with its fiber and filled in a square tart shell.PineappleTart
Latte Butter Fruit Tart – A combination of milk, caramel sugar, and butter inside a tart shell.Moon of Taj WalpaperLatteButterTart

Nougats are sweet made from sugar or honey, nuts, and egg whites. They have Classic, Chocolate, Mango and chili flavored with almonds and other nuts.

I got a chance to meet the owner and tried to understand the thought process behind such venture.

India is a culturally rich country and sweets(Ladoo, Gulab Jamun) are part of Indian lifestyle and are very sweet in taste. It’s our effort to introduce a healthy option which is sweet but not as much as Ladoos and is made of locally available natural resources. Although the dessert we brought are Taiwaneese but we are trying to customize it as per Indian palate.

On the question of why the name Moon of Taj he told us –

Visiting Taj Mahal in full moon is nothing less than a celebration, and a lot of people wait for the same. We have witnessed it, it was a gala night for everyone present there and that’s where the inspiration came from.


The best thing about Moon of Taj is, they are open for customization as per your need so if you need a Jackfruit or Kiwi flavored tart or nougat they will do it happily and with all the pleasure.
They are also coming up with some more flavors like Coconut Nougat, Orange Chocolate cookies and for health conscious people Green Tea Cookies and Tarts.MixedBucket

How to reach – Moon of Taj is located in central market of Lajpat Nagar opposite to KFC
Contact Details – 011-41090234
Email – sales@moonoftaj.com

Orders can be done from Zomato or by calling them directly.