We went here for a Friday team lunch.


Ambiance – 4/5
Food – 4.5/5
Service – 2.5/5


The food was mouth watering, Girls who tend to eat less had the meal like Dinosaur.


Must have veg starter – Dall ki Shami Kabab, Panner Tikka, Potato in Salsa


Must have non-veg starter – Prawns (I am a prawn lover), Chicken Tkka


Main Course
In most of the live BBQ places the main course is less attained by visitors though the food was really great. Chole, Kadhi and Veg Biryani was great. Mutton Rara and Chicken Makhni was out of the world.


Rose Petal Kheer and Dal Halwa was the show steal’er.


Very Poor, I told the captain 5/6 times to serve me the non-veg meal and drinks came towards the end. Placing the food on the service line was very delayed. I didn’t has Chicken Biryani at all because most of the time service bowl was empty.


Recommendation – Must go if you have already tried the other places like BBQ Nation and Pirates of Grill in Gurgaon.

Directions –  People who are travelling from places other than Gurgaon, You may get a tough time finding the location on GMaps if you look for Ancient BBQ, so better to find Good Earth City center.