I recently read an article that fast food chains and niche restaurant serving has lived its life and now people are looking forward to more authentic and rustic cuisine which preserve the basic ingredient, taste & serving.

So, my quest to find out something authentic brought me to Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen and this place certainly surprise you with its authenticity the very first movement you enter. The decor was a complement to Himalayan culture and slow paced music played on flute was a bliss to the ears.

It is a flagship cuisine combination of the nations/states who shares the Himalayan terrain starting from Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Kumauni & Garhwali region, and some portion of Northeastern states and all under one roof.

The base ingredient used for cooking by aforementioned states are – noodles, goat, yak, mutton, dumplings, cheese, soups, lentils, rice, bread, extremely spicy pickle which can be fresh or fermented. Read More


Starters @ Yeti

Bhatmas Ra chiura – Beaten rice served with spiced soya bean or dry peas is a Nepali snack.
Mushroom in black bean – Tibetan snack served with Ting-Mo
Crispy Spinach – Deep fried spinach leaves served with ting-mo bread, served as a snack in Tibetan cuisine
Momos –  Combination of juicy dumpling available in Veg/Potato/Buff/Mutton fillings
Mushroom datchi – Datchi is a traditional Bhutanese dish primarily made with cheese goes with Ting-mo. There are choices such as chili, veg and chicken are available.
Yeti Veg Platter – Aaloo Sadeko(Sautéed potato marinated in tangy Nepali spice), Bhuteko Chana(Boiled gram tossed with onions, tomato & spices), Wai Wai Sadeko(Dried Wai-Wai noodles tossed with onion, tomatoes, and spice), and Ting-mo
Piro Aloo – Boiled potato tossed with turmeric, garlic & spice. Origin is Nepali but preparation belongs to Darjeeling
Aloo Ka achaar – Fermented potato pickle, Nepali staple goes with traditional thali/meal
Mach Tareko – Spice and floor battered fish deep fried. Nepali cuisine
Buff with Onions – Layered buffalo meat tossed in spicy curry and onionsPeckishmonk_Yeti_Starters

Main Course @ Yeti

Thakali thali Veg –  Panner, Dal, Gundruk Sadeko, Rai ko saag, Piro Aaloo, Pickle, Papad, Curd, and Rice
Thakali thali Non-Veg – Mutton Curry, Dal, Gundruk Sadeko, Rai ko saag, Piro Aaloo, Pickle, Papad, Curd, and Rice
Ting-mo (Bread) – Bread made of white flour dough by steaming
Bhutun – Goat maw stir fried with onion and spice
Doh Nai – Pork cooked in black sesame gravy, a delicacy of Khasi tribe of MeghalayaPeckishmonk_Yeti_Mains

Dessert @ Yeti

Yomari – A Newari community delicacy in which rice flour dumplings are filled with sweet chaku, seems like Yeti has done some innovation and filled it with Nutella.

Banoffee – Banoffee pie.Peckishmonk_Yeti_Dessert

If you really are looking for an experience which takes you to the divine world of Himalayas, this place should be in you must visit places.

Banner Credits – Yeti

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